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If I wanted to sum up my feelings about the Arts District Jubilee in one word, it would be “meh.” There was plenty of good food, cool exhibitions and — occasionally — decent music, but there was something missing: people.

I was not expecting a Coachella-like crush of humanity, and thank God for that really. However, the place seemed, well, empty. From my perspective, I think it had to do with three main things: cost, timing and promotion. A two-day pass cost $50 (plus the $3.50 “convenience fee”), and started at 3 pm on Friday, when most people who could afford a $50 ticket are, presumably, still working. The Arts District is hardly a backwater, but there are plenty of people who have no idea where this part of downtown is, and I saw little to no promotion of the event outside out the usual downtown blogs and publications.

I personally didn’t recognize any of the bands, but I don’t mean that as a complaint. That’s partly the point: to expose myself to bands and music I probably would never listen to organically. Still, I’m at a loss at who the target audience might have been. Most of the attendees were in their 20s, which seems about right for a music festival, but not especially sustainable for this neighborhood, which skews 10-15 years older.

And, though it might be a coincidence, some jerk spray painted “Smile” on the side of my building. This is certainly leaving a bad taste in my mouth about the whole affair. I suspect at least some of my neighbors feel the same.

View from inside the Arts Jubilee on Friday, June 7.
View from inside the Arts Jubilee on Friday, June 7.
Trusto Juice, Mateo Street
Pound Squad Mafia
  • There was definitely an energy missing, for sure. It was pretty funny seeing so many people confusedly walking through the neighborhood, though. I also thought it was interesting that I asked three EVENT people when the gates opened Saturday, and I got three different answers.

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