Budget — Oct. 9 Publish Date


Slug: Washington Fly-In: Dreamers take Congress

Writer: Jessica Barrios

Length: 500-600 words

Art: Photographs

Summary: Following President Trump’s decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program on September 5th 2017, recipients of this Obama-era policy also known as “Dreamers” have fiercely begun to pressure Congress to pass a new piece of legislation that would grant them a more permanent status before the program officially ends March 5, 2018. Organized by Ted Hutchinson, Florida Organizing Director at FWD.us, hundreds of Dreamers will participate in a three day Washington fly-in where they will meet with Members of Congress on the Hill, attend press conferences and interview with media outlets. I have close contact with all of the Dreamers from Miami that are going on the trip as I am a Dreamer as well.


Slug: Local relief efforts for Puerto Rico at Baru Latin nightclub

Writer: Adriano Dominguez

Length: 8-12 Digital Images

Art: Photographs

Summary: In collaboration with local businesses such as KIND Birthdays and YES Real Estate Services, Baru Nightclub is hosting a Puerto Rico Donation drive on October 5, 2017 in reaction to the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. Baru, a very predominant Latin scene in Miami is offering volunteers beginning necessary items for Puerto Ricans such as water/Gatorade, Nonperishables, hygiene supplies etc.  a free drink ticket along with 50% all drinks for those helping. I’d be shooting about a dozen images in the club of various tables, supplies, donors and organizers to show the solidarity the Miami Latino community has to offer.


Slug: Several venues in South Florida take action for hurricane relief

Writer: Victoria Salas and Phil Castilla

Length: 500

Art: Yes, photos

Summary: With the recent natural disasters that have affected the Caribbean, Texas, and Mexico, communities have attempted to raise funds to bring relief to those who need it most. Whether it is a small local business, such as New York Grilled Cheese, or larger companies like Neiman Marcus, many have attempted to bring aid to those stuck in a difficult time.


Slug: Will there be 5 star security at the 3 points festival?

Writer: Paige Fleming

Length: 450 words

Art: Photographs

Summary: Recently, tragedy struck on the last day of the sold-out event – Route 91 Harvest Festival, located at the Las Vegas Village.  Shoulder to shoulder, people from all over the world gathered to show their love and support to their all time favorite artists. Here in Miami, the well known 3 points festival is underway with a line up of national performances paired with the best of Miami’s music , dreamers, thinkers and innovators. Many questions have surfaced in regards to the safety precautions that will be taken to protect the people coming out to enjoy great music, lectures, labs and inspiring tech talks.


Slug: Survival and communication after Hurricane Maria

Writer: Adriana Finol and Alexandra Rodriguez

Length: 500 words

Art: Yes – Photographs

Summary: Following Mayra Suarez, a seventy-year-old woman, who recently experienced tragedy in Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria. She will share her personal story during the hurricane, how challenging it was for her and her husband to survive.  Communication was hard for everybody in the island since there was no electricity. Mayra will talk about the difficulty their son faced trying to bring his parents to the United States during these difficult days where everything was flood and they could not communicate. There are other stories of people trying to communicate with family such as Henry Irizarry who tried to call his parents but tried almost 300 times before he got through only to find out his parents had already left where they were. There are many others who had similar situations or are still trying to contact loved ones.


Slug: Black Women Matter

Writer: Shanise Wallace

Photographer: Shannon

Length: 200 words

Art:  Video

Summary: Black Lives Matter has been a slogan that has made controversial headlines in America. On October 1, 2017 Marcia Olivo organized an event in Miami, Florida that brought awareness to black women. “As an Afro-Latina, I don’t want to be complicit of black women always having to wait because other people have to be served first” stated Marcia Olivo. Not only did the protestors bring awareness but while they marched they stated, “Black women united will never be defeated.” The March that took place on Sunday in Miami concurred with the “March for Racial Justice” in Washington D.C.


Slug: The thought behind the shooting

Writer: Natalia Molina & Olivia Napoles

Length: 500-600 words

Art: Yes, Photographs

Summary: This article will present three interviews to people who owe, work and play at the shutting range called Lock & Load Miami which, is located in South Florida’s premier. We want to discover the reaction they had after the mass shooting in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017, at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival. The main idea is to understand why people are interested in this kind of places, what is their reaction after the massacre and what do they think about it. How are they feeling, do they think there is a correlation between doing it for fun and turning it into a “real game” that can have further consequences. We want to see how people who pay to be in these places feel about the current situation with mass shootings and gun possession.


Slug: Deering Estate Moonlight Canoe Tour

Writer: Yaneli Gonzalez

Length: 150 – 200 words

Art: Video

Summary: The Deering Estate is hosting a Moonlight Canoe Tour on Friday, October 6 at 7 PM. The tour will start at the Deering Estate, go across Biscayne Bay to Chicken Key where attendees will enjoy s’mores by a campfire, and return once again to the Deering Estate. I will speak to the organizers as well as attendees and will film the experience. I will also find out if the estate’s staff plans to make this a recurring event.

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