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Grinning skyscape

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I created this photo mash up specifically for the Vape Supply Co. show in the Historic Core. I was actually just playing around with with some images, and thought this was just pretty cool. I don’t really have that much more to say about it, but hey, there ya go.

You can see this at  my current show, which is at the Vape Supply Co. on 129 E. 6th St in downtown Los Angeles, until Sept. 6. If you’re interested in purchasing a copy or would be willing to host gallery space, shoot me a note at, Twitter @editordanevans, or just check out my Etsy page.


Neighborhood Walk – June 19, 2013

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This was a very cool time, courtesy of Scott Ezzell and Melissa Richardson Banks. We stumbled — more or less — into a open house celebrating the groundbreaking of the LA Cleantech Incubator near Urth Cafe. Then it was off to see the most awesome sunset view in the Arts District on the roof of the loft of the father-daughter paining team Curtis and Isabelle Gutierrez. Finally, to the not-quite-open video arcade/bar/pinball craziness that is 82. Clearly, it was so awesome, it took me a couple days to get it online, but enjoy!
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Inspector, Alameda Street

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ArtsDistrictMay26_30I love the way this piece looks, though it don’t entirely make sense to me, as so many things around here escape my understanding. Alameda and Third, which is the approximate placement of this, is across the street from the Little Tokyo neighborhood. The colors resemble — in some way — the Japanese Imperial flag, and the guy behind the mask certainly seems Asian. But, well, I dunno…

NEKST, Seventh and Imperial streets

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According to some news reports, NEKST was a graffiti artist who died “under mysterious circumstances” recently. I don’t know if this fence was tagged by NEKST or someone putting it up as a tribute. I’d be interested to know, so if you know, let me know.

Ice Sign, Alameda Street

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ArtsDistrictMay26_28 There are a ton of cold storage and ice plants around Alameda Street. Many have gone out of business, but a few continue on. It’s an interesting intersection between what the Arts District used to be, what it is now, and what it’ll look like in a few years.

Jubilee Slideshow

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Here are a few of my favorite images from the Arts District Jubilee that concluded last night. My views on this were mixed (see my Friday and Saturday reviews), but in general I had a good time. Enjoy the images!

Bands pictured include:

  • HOTT MT (Sunset Stage)
  • Western Lows (Myra Stage)
  • Broadheds (Myra Stage)



















Arts District Jubilee – Saturday Review

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HOTT MT performing at the Arts District Jubilee on the Sunset Stage on June 8, 2013.

To be fair — and I usually try to be fair — my experience of the Arts District Jubilee on Saturday was considerably better than the day prior. Mind you, there were a few annoyances. Most notably the fact that the gates didn’t open until 3 pm…strange given the  first band was scheduled to start at 2:40 pm. Second, given the temperature changes through the day and evening, it seemed shortsighted to refuse people in-and-out privileges. It’s an outdoor festival! Are people supposed to bring jackets at 3 pm so they won’t freeze at 1 am?

In addition, I heard one guy behind me say “It was so much better when it was in Silver Lake.” Mind you, he acknowledged he didn’t go on Friday, and was waiting in line to get into the festival Saturday, so… I don’t give too much stock to the opinions of our Vespa-riding, Capri pants-wearing hipster neighbors to the north, and nonsense like that is partly the reason. </snark>

The music, though, was much better on Saturday. Though Donna and I weren’t able to say more than a couple hours — due to a homemade Iron Chief-type competition — what we saw was amazing. Here’s hoping the Arts District Jubilee comes back next year with a few tweaks. In particular:

  • Allow people to come in-and-out of the festival. Or, in the alternative, have some type of coat-check.
  • Make it clear when you’re going to open and stick to it.
  • Reduce the price. A two-day pass for $50 is too much. I would say $35 is about right. Perhaps don’t sell single-day passes.

And there were a number of things that I liked quite a lot. In no particular order:

  • There are booze gardens within the sight lines of every stage. Every stage! Compare this to Coachella, when those wanting a beer are regulated 100 yards away (0r more) from the action. 
  • Though disorganized, the staff was certainly very friendly. Not helpful, mind you, as they didn’t seem to know what was going on most of the time, but friendly.
  • Wide range of acts. A lot of them seemed to be local, which is also cool.
  • Great food and art exhibitions. One thing that seemed to be missing was an music table. I would have bought a couple CDs from at least a couple of the bands we saw, but none seemed apparent. If it existed, we couldn’t find it.