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July 25 Agenda

Capstone - Summer 2017

AGENDA – Senior Capstone – July 25, 2017
WHO: Editors & Reporters
WHEN: 9 am to 1 pm
WHERE: AC2 242

  1. Review of Website / General Comments (Evans)
  2. Class Evaluations (Editors/Reporters)
  3. Individual Project Editing (Evans)
  4. Peer Evaluations (Reporters/Editors)


Reporters:     Any peer evaluation not completed due by July 27 @ 9 am
Editors:          Any peer evaluation not completed due by July 27 @ 9 am


Deadlines and Revisions

Capstone - Summer 2017

Revisions for assignments are due to the editors by 1 pm on July 13. Those revisions, in turn, must be posted by the editors online by 9 am on July 18. Please let us know if you have questions. My notes on the projects will remain online until they are replaced by your revisions.

July 11 Agenda

Capstone - Summer 2017

WHO: Editors & Reporters
WHEN: 9 am to 1 pm
WHERE: AC2 242

  1. Review of Website / General Comments (Evans)
  2. Peer Assessments (Editors/Reporters)
  3. Individual Project Editing (Evans)
  4. Project Two Work (Reporters)
  5. Website Edits (Editors)

Upcoming Classes:
July 13 (Thurs) – No formal class meeting. Work on Project Two
July 18 (Tues) – Editors & Reporters mandatory

Reporters:       Draft of Project Two due July 18 @ 9 am
Editors:            Any website edits not completed in class due by July 13 @ 1 pm


Grading Rubrics

Capstone - Summer 2017

Below are the rubrics we’ll be using for this class. One is for the reporters (Project), one is for editor (Editors) and one for the class grade (Overall).

My grade for the projects and the editors, respectively, will be done via these forms. The editors’ peer evaluation of your projects will also use the Project rubric. The reporters’ peer evaluation of the editors will be done via Google form that I will provide time in class on Tuesday for you to complete. (Note part of of the class grade is based on all of you actually filling out the peer evaluations, so take that into account.)

If you’d like to get started now, here is the link:  

Again, to be clear, this is for the reporters evaluations of their editors only. Your feedback will be shared with the editors, but the names will be removed.


Capstone Rubric – Editors [PDF]

Capstone Rubric – Overall [PDF]

Capstone Rubric – Project [PDF]


June 29 Agenda

Capstone - Summer 2017

WHO: Editors & Reporters
WHEN: 9 am to 1 pm
WHERE: AC2 242

  1. Presentation of website (Editors)
  2. Editing of Project One (Editors/Reporters)
  3. Editing introductory materials (Editors)
  4. Picking Project Two topic (Editors/Reporters)

Next Class:

July 6 (Thurs) – Editors mandatory (AC2 303). Reporters may be required to come in at discretion of editors.

No class meeting for July 4 holiday



Reporters:   Edits of Project One due July 5 @ 1 pm
Budget Line for Project Two due July 6 @ 9 am

Editors:        Final versions of Project One published by July 6 @ 1 pm
Full edited budget for Project Two due to Prof. Evans by July 6 @ 1 pm

June 29 Deadline Reminders

Capstone - Summer 2017
Editors: Introductory materials and “About Us” section due June 29 @ 9 am
– Needs to be published online
– All edits discussed during the June 22 meeting (details below)
Jeff/Rebecca: Feedback to reporters regarding their projects.
Sudyen: Make the sizes of the photos for the Staff page consistent.
Liz: Updates to website, including:
– Changing address at top (and removing cell phone logo) to include Florida International University / School of Communication + Journalism
– Changing logos of local/county/state
– Linking those logos to the appropriate category pages
– Removing the sidebar from the category pages
– Seeing if we can do a rotating list of public records quotes
– Changing out the main photo on the homepage
– Creating headline for the homepage (the one right under the photo)
– Filling out the “About this Project” in the footer
– Linking the social media URLs in the footer
All Editors: Creating a 500-600 word piece that will serane as a introductory explanation of what we’re doing and why. Should include interviews with journalists with a global view of public records in Florida. We should also have a multimedia aspect as well. We were talking about maybe having public-records quotes (like the one currently on the homepage) as pull quotes to make the piece more visually compelling.
We’ll also need a dedicated page for this. I’m open to what to call it. “Intro” “About the Project” (Perhaps replacing the “About Us” since we already have a staff link..
Reporters: Draft of Project One due to editors June 29 @ 9 am
– Emailed to all editors. That is: me, Jeff, Rebecca, Sudyen and Liz


June 22 Agenda

Capstone - Summer 2017

AGENDA – Senior Capstone – June 22, 2017

WHO: Editors (Reporters optional)
WHEN: 9 am to 1 pm
WHERE: AC2 303

  1. Discussion of website layout / logic (Liz)
  2. Did everyone complete the assignment? Phone calls to stragglers (Jeff/Rebecca)
  3. Editing of materials, uploading to site (Sudyen/Editors)
  4. Go over Project One budgets, clarify and edits as needed (Editors)
  5. Discuss introductory materials (Editors)
  6. Compile solid Project One budget (Editors)

Next Class:
June 27 – No class meeting. Work on projects and/or other assignments

Editors – About Us and Introductory materials due June 29 @ 9 am
Reporters – Draft of Project One due June 29 @ 9 am

Equipment Check Out: Project One

Capstone - Summer 2017

Luis & Daniela

  • Ollo Clip Photo Lens (Fisheye, wide-angle)
  • Sidekick 360
  • Flexible tripod

Cathy & Nicole

  • Video Mic Me

Tatiana & Alex

  • Video Mic Me

Jordys & Grethel

  • Flexible Tripod
    Linear PCM recorder
    Canon Camera Recorder
    Camera bag
    Sandisk SD card

Manuela & Kinana

  • LED 6200T


Useful Links

Capstone - Summer 2017Journalism Thoughts

Florida State Judiciary 

Florida Federal Judiciary 

Campaign Finance 

Property and Business Records 

Other Links

Team Assignments – Project One

Capstone - Summer 2017


Stanesha Rivers
South Florida Non Profits
Wilkye Castro
Jordys Herrera
City of Miami (agendas, ethics comission, etc.)
Grethel Ramos
Cathy Mieses
State Courts Criminal
Nicole Betancourt
Daniela de Cespedes
Miami and Broward Campaign Finance Records
Luis Centeno
Tatiana Delgado
Alexandra Cleaver
Manuela Barcia
Florida Business Records
Kanane Chatila
Editors Title
Jeffrey Stepanenko Managing Editor
Rebecca Charur City Editor
Liz Castillo Web/Social Media & Copy Editor
Sudyen Navarrete Visuals Editor
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