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Jan. 18 homework and notes

J3117 - Spring 2018

Hi all. Thanks again for a great class. Attached is the lede homework, which is due by the start of class Tuesday. Have a great weekend! As always, create a Word document and upload that file to your Dropbox folder. Please label the file “<Name> – Lede Homework” That is “Dan Evans – Lede Homework.”

Lede Homework [PDF]

Also: You will get Extra Credit (worth a second drop of a low news quiz score) if you complete the “Plagiarism and Fabrication” NewsU module AND upload a screenshot into your folder. You’ll have to ID it as such, or else I won’t know you did it.

Jan. 16 homework and notes

J3117 - Spring 2018

Hi all: Here’s the answer key for the AP style quiz you turned in today. AP Quiz Key [PDF] As I mentioned in class, please correct this using the “track changes” feature in Word. Please edit the file you turned in. That is, there should be a single document. Only now, you’ve updated it with any needed corrections. Additionally, if you were not able to complete the NewsU module in class, please do so before the start of next class.

Don’t worry about the NewsU module. If we have time, we’ll do it in class Thursday


Classwork and Homework — Jan. 11

J3117 - Spring 2018

Hi all. I’m sorry I couldn’t be with you today, but as I don’t want to continue to spread the cold and flu, I think it’s for the best. Despite the fact I’m not going to be there, I do have a few things I need you to do. We have a ton of things to get through, and I don’t want us to get behind.

  • First: Edit your grammar assignment using the answer key Grammar Answers [PDF] and the “track changes” feature in Word. Finish this by the start of Tuesday’s class. Don’t know how to do that? 
  • Second: Read chapter one of “The Process of Writing News”: 
  • Third: Complete the AP Style homework by the start of next class (Jan. 16). Upload your answers as a Word document and place in the “Homework” folder. AP Style Homework [PDF] Not sure how turn a PDF into a Word document? Umm. Google it.
  • Fourth: News quiz on Tuesday. This will be a five-question deal, taken from the most important news items from the last week. That is, items from Jan. 9 to Jan. 16. This can be local, national, international news. I also reserve the right to ask sports, arts and other general interest questions. Basically, read as much as you can.

Finally, one of your classmates said she has started a WhatsApp channel. I strongly suggest you join that so you can ask one another questions. Please ask your colleagues first about deadlines, class procedures and the like. If there is disagreement, or if you still have questions, then ask me directly.

BUT, you should feel free to reach out to me if you feel you’re not getting a particular concept, are stuck with getting ideas or have sourcing problems.

Have a good weekend and I’ll see you Tuesday.

Syllabus & Grammar Assignment

J3117 - Spring 2018

Thanks for a great first class everyone! Attached is a copy of the syllabus for your records and in case you misplace your printed copy. In addition, I’ve also attached the grammar homework. This is due by the start of class Thursday. Please follow these instructions completely:

  • Upload this to the “Homework” folder you created in your personalized Dropbox
  • Rewrite the sentences. Don’t just bold your correct choice.
  • Your homework needs to be uploaded as a Word file. Either convert the PDF document in this posting or use the Word version I emailed you.

The Dropbox file shows when you’ve posted your piece, which is how I will determine whether you’ve made deadline or not. This is a pass/fail assignment. The only way you can fail is if you don’t do it or turn it in late. So, ya know, don’t do that.

Class One Grammar Quiz – Process of Writing News [PDF]

Syallbus – Spring 2018 – JOU 3117 [PDF]