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Remaining Deadlines — JOU3117

JOU 3117 - Fall 2017
Just as a recap, here are the syllabus changes and remaining deadlines.
No class Nov. 20 or 22. However, Nov. 20 from 12-3pm will be the SFNS recruitment that I wrote to you about this morning.
The third story will be about either the impacts of Black Friday on your beat -or- an enterprise story. The pitch for this is due Nov. 27 at 1 p.m. Remember that this needs to have relevance past Thanksgiving, as the earliest it could be published is Dec. 12. (That is, don’t write a story about a fight at the Walmart on Nov. 25. It’ll be old news by the time we get a chance to run it.)
The final NewsU is also due Nov. 27, though not until 6 pm. That is on fabrication and plagiarism.
We will be meeting in AC2 258 on all remaining days following the Thanksgiving holiday. That is Nov. 27/29 and Dec. 4/6. Due to construction and Irma, we are still a bit behind, and I will not be able to meet with you one-on-one regarding your final story.
However, if you would like emailed comments about your stories, your draft must be sent to me by Dec. 6 at 6 pm. This is optional, but I will only look at your draft if it is sent to me by or before that date.
The final story itself is due Dec. 11 at 2 pm. 
Let me know if you have any questions.

Updated Second Story Deadlines

JOU 3117 - Fall 2017

– Second story pitches now due WEDS, Oct. 25 at 12 pm

– Second story (pre-edit) due: Nov. 6 at 12 pm (Group B) or Nov. 8 at 12 pm (Group A) — one-on-one meeting week —

– News U module completed by Nov. 1 at 6 pm

– Second story post-edit now due WEDS, Nov. 15 at 12 pm

Homework — Week of Sept. 25

JOU 3117 - Fall 2017

Here are the slides from today’s class [PDF] as well as a copy of the informal memo example [PDF].


  • Miami Herald and New York Times (daily)


  • Work on profile piece. Due Oct. 9 at 12 pm (Group A) or Oct. 11 at 12 pm (Group B)
  • News U “Get Me Rewrite” due Oct. 4 at 6 pm

Field Work:

  • Attend a City Council / Commission / Committee meeting in your beat. Informal memo Oct. 11 at 12 pm


Group Assignments — JOU 3117

JOU 3117 - Fall 2017

These are the group assignments for the rest of the semester. This will impact when your pieces are due, so please pay close attention.


  • Jamie
  • Yiliani
  • Amarilys
  • Octavia
  • Vicky
  • Laura
  • Kayla
  • Alexander
  • Cristina G
  • Jailene


  • Gabriella
  • Jasmin
  • Christina L
  • Nicholas P
  • Natasha
  • Nick R
  • Felipe
  • Ximena
  • Katerina
  • Ashley

Homework & Slides — Aug. 28

JOU 3117 - Fall 2017


  • Complete AP/Grammar assignment (on class website) by Sept. 6 at 6 pm

Field Work:

  • Get 1o additional sources in master source list (link of website), selfie in front of city hall and three preliminary story ideas from those sources. Due Sept. 6 at 6 pm.
  • Business cards must be ordered by Aug. 30 at 12 pm

And here are the slides from today’s class:

Aug 28 — Ledes, Pitches & Sourcing — 3117 [PDF]

Homework — Aug. 23 class

JOU 3117 - Fall 2017

Go to and download the Lede Assignment. Complete the exercises and email your answers on a Word Doc with your name in the file AND on the document itself by Aug. 28 at 12 pm.

Business cards! Template on under the SFNS tab. Screenshot of order emailed to me by Aug. 30 at 12 pm.

NewsU! Complete Language Primer module by Aug. 30 at 12 pm

Beat List — Please check

JOU 3117 - Fall 2017

Vicky – South Miami

Christina – Surfside

Alex – Sweetwater

Ximena – North Miami Beach

Laura – Doral

Jailene – Cutler Bay

Felipe – Miami Lakes

Cristina — North Miami

Nick – West Miami

Yillani – Hollywood

Jamie – Miramar

Nicholas – Coral Gables

Katerina – Aventura

Jasmin – Homestead

Kayla — ?

Amarilys — Sunrise

Octavia – Opa-locka

Gabriella – Pinecrest

Ashley – Medly

Natasha — Miami Springs

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