Courthouse field trip – Weds, Oct. 19

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Here are the details for our field trip tomorrow. We are meeting at the Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building, 1351 NW 12 Street, Miami, 33125. This is a couple minutes away from the Civic Center Metrorail station. In addition, because we’re not meeting at the downtown courthouses, parking is cheaper, but not free. 

We are meeting with Eunice Sigler. She is the main spokeswoman for the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida, which as you remember from class, is the court that handles felony criminal cases and unlimited jurisdiction (more than $15K) civil manners.

This is a combined class with my JOU3117 and MMC4936 sections. As such, I have scheduled our meeting with Ms. Sigler at 10 am in order to make it possible for as many people as possible to attend. However, I understand many of you have classes before or afterward at the BBC campus. As such, I will available starting at 9 am for anyone that wants a tour given by me so you can leave in enough time to make it to your next class. 

Here is the timeline and breakdown. For each time period, we will be meeting in the front lobby, just past the metal detectors.  

9:15 am — I will start my tour of the courthouse with students that need to meet early

10 am — Our meeting with Ms. Sigler, which I expect to last between 60-90 minutes 

11:30 am — I will give a second tour of the courthouse with students need to meet later 

Do not be late. Text/cell service is not reliable within the courthouse building and prohibited in courtrooms. We cannot wait for you, so I ask that you be respectful of our time and plan ahead for traffic and parking. Miami’s roads are not a mystery to any of you. 

Finally, a few things you need to know: 

– Dress in business attire. Do not wear jeans, shorts or flip-flops. 

– Gum is prohibited in most courtrooms. Leave it at home. 

– Remove anything that might be considered a weapon (pepper spray, penknives, etc) at home or in your car. 

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