End of semester writing and reporting tips

JOU 3117 - Fall 2017JOU 3300 - Fall 2017Journalism Thoughts

Here are a number of resources to help you as you write your finals. Some are written by me, others not. Happy journalizing!

SFNS Style Guide [PDF]: Local style guide and reminders for common errors.

10_Best_Practices_for_Social_Media [PDF]: The American Society of Newspaper Editor’s excellent guide

Math For Journalists [PDF]: A condensed version of the NewsU module of the same name

Grammar Review [PDF]: A guide to some of the more common mistakes made by FIU students. Taken from Grammerly.com

Writing & Reporting Tips [PDF]: My homegrown guide to writing and reporting

Final Paper Grading Rubric — JOU 3300
Syllabus & Grammar Assignment

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