First Class Project // Oct. 10 Class Meeting

MMC 4936 - Fall 2016

Good afternoon everyone. Thanks for a good class. Here are a few links and notes for the first class project as well as info on what we’re going to be doing next Monday, Oct. 10.

First, as projects have been developed and evolved, I want to put together a final budget for the first class project. As such, please resend your budget lines to by 12 pm on Oct. 10. Even if nothing has changed, please resend it so I know I have the most current one available. Refer to earlier links to check the format.

The deadline for the projects, as I mentioned last week, has been extended to Oct. 19 at 11 am. 

Second, instead of holding the Oct. 10 class at its normal time and place, I would like to have us attend as a group a lecture on the MMC campus titled “Politicking via Meme: The Influence of Social Media on the 2016 Presidential Election.” That will be head a week from today starting at 12:30 in Green Library 220.

Here’s the link:  

Profile Story Notes
Updated Deadlines // Government Story

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