General Notes

JOU 3117 - Fall 2017JOU 3300 - Fall 2017
  • Double check ALL entities, names and titles:
    • Call back and/or Google them
    • Misspelling of name the final piece is points off. 
  • Source, source, source:
    • All matters of fact MUST be sourced to someone you have personally spoken to OR gotten from a document
    • If from a person use SAID only. ONLY!!
    • If from a document (including website) use STATED only. ONLY!!
  • Make sure you don’t contradict yourself:
    • If you say that churches have always donated to a festival in graf 12, but you lede states they didn’t this year, something is wrong and your story loses value because I can’t trust it.
  • Double check all facts and figures:
    • If I can Google a fact and easily determine its truth/falsity, so can you. If I discover something an event is called “Columbian Music Today” and you wrote it as “The Columbian Fest,” you will get points off.
  • You are responsible for your quotes
    • Quoting someone accurately does not mean your work is done. You are responsible for the truth of their statements as well as their value. Only quote people who are likely to know what they’re talking about. People BS all the time. If it’s provably incorrect, that’s points off.
  • Again SAID or ADDED for people STATED for documents 
    • Do not use ADMITTED, ACKNOWLEDGED, EXCLAIMED, QUESTIONED, EXPLAINED, etc. Let their words speak for themselves. Don’t force it.

  • If you paraphrase a document, you must rewrite it
    • If you use it directly as written, it needs to be in quotes. Period. Otherwise this is plagiarism. 
    • Even if you paraphrase, it needs to be sourced to the document or website.
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