Grading Rubrics

Capstone - Summer 2017

Below are the rubrics we’ll be using for this class. One is for the reporters (Project), one is for editor (Editors) and one for the class grade (Overall).

My grade for the projects and the editors, respectively, will be done via these forms. The editors’ peer evaluation of your projects will also use the Project rubric. The reporters’ peer evaluation of the editors will be done via Google form that I will provide time in class on Tuesday for you to complete. (Note part of of the class grade is based on all of you actually filling out the peer evaluations, so take that into account.)

If you’d like to get started now, here is the link:  

Again, to be clear, this is for the reporters evaluations of their editors only. Your feedback will be shared with the editors, but the names will be removed.


Capstone Rubric – Editors [PDF]

Capstone Rubric – Overall [PDF]

Capstone Rubric – Project [PDF]


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July 11 Agenda

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