June 22 Agenda

Capstone - Summer 2017

AGENDA – Senior Capstone – June 22, 2017

WHO: Editors (Reporters optional)
WHEN: 9 am to 1 pm
WHERE: AC2 303

  1. Discussion of website layout / logic (Liz)
  2. Did everyone complete the assignment? Phone calls to stragglers (Jeff/Rebecca)
  3. Editing of materials, uploading to site (Sudyen/Editors)
  4. Go over Project One budgets, clarify and edits as needed (Editors)
  5. Discuss introductory materials (Editors)
  6. Compile solid Project One budget (Editors)

Next Class:
June 27 – No class meeting. Work on projects and/or other assignments

Editors – About Us and Introductory materials due June 29 @ 9 am
Reporters – Draft of Project One due June 29 @ 9 am

Equipment Check Out: Project One
June 29 Deadline Reminders

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