June 29 Deadline Reminders

Capstone - Summer 2017
Editors: Introductory materials and “About Us” section due June 29 @ 9 am
– Needs to be published online
– All edits discussed during the June 22 meeting (details below)
Jeff/Rebecca: Feedback to reporters regarding their projects.
Sudyen: Make the sizes of the photos for the Staff page consistent.
Liz: Updates to website, including:
– Changing address at top (and removing cell phone logo) to include Florida International University / School of Communication + Journalism
– Changing logos of local/county/state
– Linking those logos to the appropriate category pages
– Removing the sidebar from the category pages
– Seeing if we can do a rotating list of public records quotes
– Changing out the main photo on the homepage
– Creating headline for the homepage (the one right under the photo)
– Filling out the “About this Project” in the footer
– Linking the social media URLs in the footer
All Editors: Creating a 500-600 word piece that will serane as a introductory explanation of what we’re doing and why. Should include interviews with journalists with a global view of public records in Florida. We should also have a multimedia aspect as well. We were talking about maybe having public-records quotes (like the one currently on the homepage) as pull quotes to make the piece more visually compelling.
We’ll also need a dedicated page for this. I’m open to what to call it. “Intro” “About the Project” (Perhaps replacing the “About Us” since we already have a staff link..
Reporters: Draft of Project One due to editors June 29 @ 9 am
– Emailed to all editors. That is: me, Jeff, Rebecca, Sudyen and Liz


June 22 Agenda
June 29 Agenda

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