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It was about 8:30 a.m., and Donna and I were about to pack it in on Bakersfield’s Wall Street. We had been wandering about for about a half-hour, snapping photos of tattoo parlors, restaurants and the like. But few people were about, and there just didn’t seem like there was much to see. I decided I wanted to get just one more shot of Guthrie’s Alley Cat’s sign, an art deco looking neon sign. As I was taking the shot, the light flickered to life. Hmm, I thought. I wonder if that means the bar is open.

Indeed it was. Inside was the bar’s owner, Kenny Reed, and a number of early-morning drinkers. Above is a photo of Reed with his Border Collie “Cheeks.” Cheeks, said Reed is a good dog, but not as good as his beloved Haggis, also a Border Collie, who died in 2010.


Start the Presses: Let there be neon
Kenny Reed’s Office, Guthrie’s Alley Cat

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