Notes about grades – MMC4936

MMC 4936 - Fall 2016

I want to point out and clarify a few things about how items in this course will be graded. As I have mentioned, this is an experimental class, and though we are clearly doing a ton of work, most of that is going to be pass/fail. As all of you have completed the four such assignments we’ve had this semester (our final assignment will be a repeat of the exit-polling exercise on Nov. 8 we had for the primary). Following that, the only work left in the class will be the second project, which I’ll introduce us to on Monday.

But, because some of you have worries about your overall grade or perhaps confused how it will be calculated, I refer you to the syllabus. Specifically:

  • Assignments (five total) = 50% (graded pass/fail)
  • Project 1 = 20% (numeric grade)
  • Project 2 (aka the final) = 30% (numeric grade)

Though not explicitly in the syllabus, please understand that I have the right to not publish any article or piece that does not meet SFNS standards. Effectively, this would be an “A” piece and/or the willingness for the students to reedit and/or rewrite to make it an “A” piece. The initial grade, however, would not change following submission. The benefit of publication (and potentially getting paid for that work) would be the carrot.

Additionally, I have the right to reject any piece that markedly changes from the budget line without discussion and approval from me. I am your editor, after all, and the first commandment of journalism is Thou Shalt Not Surprise the Boss. Letting me know a source dropped out 30 minutes prior to deadline is not OK. Communication is key. I don’t expect you to be miracle workers, but I expect you to work hard and to you best…There’s no way to know that you’ve done your best unless you tell me what you’ve done.

In any event, please note that late items cannot receive higher than a 70% (this is explicitly in the syllabus). However, that is better than a zero, no? Let me know if you have any questions.

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