One Santa Fe: Erewhon Market coming?

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Intriguing rumor I saw today via DTLA Rising: the organic market Erewhon may be looking into moving into a 15,000 square foot space at One Santa Fe. The project, which includes 438 rental apartments and 79,000 square feet of commercial space, is set to open late next year. I’m not especially familiar with Erewhon, but it would certainly be nice to have a market within walking distance. I’ll certainly be keeping tabs on this one.

h/t Downtown Muse

Photo: Michael Maltzan Architecture
Photo: Michael Maltzan Architecture
Telephone Sign, Seventh Street
Trusto Juice, Mateo Street
  • I am loving this building. Erewhon would be OK though I eat anything as long as it’s ice cream so it won’t be especially useful to me. I’d like to see a comfortable coffee place big enough to hang out for a while. LARABA and SCI-ARC are collaborating on a performance space/art gallery that is being donated by the owner. Jonathon Gerrold tells me that it will be the last space toward Fourth next to the driveway. Virtually in our front yard!

  • Loooove erewohn. It’s a bit pricey, but they carry any health food and supplement you could want.

    And Tim, they have like, 40 different types of rice milk ice cream. So no worries!

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