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J3117 - Spring 2018

Please check out the notes from our classes this semester. Not every class had notes. In addition, I’ve attached a copy of the rubric I’ll be using to grade your final piece and a copy of my “Tips for Writing” that I passed out the first day of class. Thank you for a great semester! Please remember to fill out your class evaluation when you receive the link.

Class notes (PowerPoint files)

Jan 9 – Grammar
Jan 16 – Newsworthiness
Jan. 18 – Ethics and Ledes
Jan. 23 – Ledes and Grammar
Jan. 25 – Briefs and Quoting
Jan. 30 – News Drill 1
Feb. 8 – Review and Check In
Feb. 13 – Interviewing and Sourcing
Feb. 27 Pitch Comp and Interviewing
Mar. 20 – News Quiz and March Details
Mar 26 – Courts and Enterprise
April 3 – Story Review and Diversity

Writing Tips (PDFs)

Writing & Reporting Tips
Grammar Review
Math For Journalists
Grammar Answers

Final Article Rubric (PDF) 

Article Grading Rubric – The Final


Beat list
The final article — Important!!

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