Remaining Deadlines — JOU3117

JOU 3117 - Fall 2017
Just as a recap, here are the syllabus changes and remaining deadlines.
No class Nov. 20 or 22. However, Nov. 20 from 12-3pm will be the SFNS recruitment that I wrote to you about this morning.
The third story will be about either the impacts of Black Friday on your beat -or- an enterprise story. The pitch for this is due Nov. 27 at 1 p.m. Remember that this needs to have relevance past Thanksgiving, as the earliest it could be published is Dec. 12. (That is, don’t write a story about a fight at the Walmart on Nov. 25. It’ll be old news by the time we get a chance to run it.)
The final NewsU is also due Nov. 27, though not until 6 pm. That is on fabrication and plagiarism.
We will be meeting in AC2 258 on all remaining days following the Thanksgiving holiday. That is Nov. 27/29 and Dec. 4/6. Due to construction and Irma, we are still a bit behind, and I will not be able to meet with you one-on-one regarding your final story.
However, if you would like emailed comments about your stories, your draft must be sent to me by Dec. 6 at 6 pm. This is optional, but I will only look at your draft if it is sent to me by or before that date.
The final story itself is due Dec. 11 at 2 pm. 
Let me know if you have any questions.
Updated Second Story Deadlines
Budget line examples

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