Story One Updates, Notes and Debate Reminder

MMC 4936 - Fall 2016

Hi all, please check out the updated story list here [PDF]. Please remember our project has several overarching themes, specifically:

  • Focused on the presidential election and its impact on South Florida
  • Focused on younger voters, around the 18-24 age range

For those of you doing video/photo/audio remember that your sources must be fully identified, either by voice, chyron or in the captions. Your images must be telling a story, not just pretty pictures. Make sure your audio, if applicable, is clear and that any voiceovers and intros are done in a quiet room. Use the one on the first floor of AC2. Here are a few links to help you in this regard:

Also, though each of our assignments this semester so far has been graded on a pass/no-pass basis, this project will be graded. To get an idea of what I’m looking for, please look at this rubric [PDF].

Finally, here are some links to inspire, provide some background and give you a bit of a template for what we’re looking to do:

Oct 12 Class Notes
Video production guides, requirements and tips

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