Syllabus & Grammar Assignment

J3117 - Spring 2018

Thanks for a great first class everyone! Attached is a copy of the syllabus for your records and in case you misplace your printed copy. In addition, I’ve also attached the grammar homework. This is due by the start of class Thursday. Please follow these instructions completely:

  • Upload this to the “Homework” folder you created in your personalized Dropbox
  • Rewrite the sentences. Don’t just bold your correct choice.
  • Your homework needs to be uploaded as a Word file. Either convert the PDF document in this posting or use the Word version I emailed you.

The Dropbox file shows when you’ve posted your piece, which is how I will determine whether you’ve made deadline or not. This is a pass/fail assignment. The only way you can fail is if you don’t do it or turn it in late. So, ya know, don’t do that.

Class One Grammar Quiz – Process of Writing News [PDF]

Syallbus – Spring 2018 – JOU 3117 [PDF]

End of semester writing and reporting tips
Classwork and Homework — Jan. 11

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