Tunnel, Los Angeles River


This is the tunnel leading to the Los Angeles River under the Sixth Street bridge. I’ve often been a bit surprised that it’s not blocked off or regulated in any way. It’s dark inside there, truly, and all manner of stuff must go on. I’ve only been brave enough to go during the day, and even that can be a bit nerve-wracking on occasion.

Shopping Cart in the Los Angeles River
Storefront, Seventh Street
  • City officials like to get people all angried up of the costs of graffiti abatement, but in the case of the graffiti down in the River, people should indeed be angry, but at the officials wasting huge sums on painting out the concrete banks. There was much interesting work down there, and the only people down there are the homeless, kids hanging out and graffiti writers. Why did the city have the Army Corps of Engineers pressure-spray the MTA blockbuster off and cart the water away at great cost? Did the MTA crew paint with plutonium? And yet the city just paints everything else over. Are people now flocking down to the lovely concrete banks for a picnic now that the graffiti is gone? Hardly. There is an appropriate and understandable place for graffiti abatement, but in the case of L.A. River it is only throwing out the baby with the bath water.

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