Upcoming Deadlines & Deliverables

Capstone - Summer 2017


  • Wireframe of website due June 22 @ 9 am
  • Prepped and vetted budget due to Prof. Evans by June 22 @ 1pm


  • “About Us” bio and photo (250 px by 250 px) due to editors by June 22 @ 9 am
  • Budget line for Project One due to editors June 22 @ 9 am

Budget Line Example (note that the deadlines are accurate):

Topic: State Civil Courts (Broward and Miami-Dade)
Reporters: Olga Castro & Alex Toldeo
Summary: A look at the public records available in the state courts (that is, not federal) in South Florida’s biggest counties. Includes information about and how-to guides for obtaining records related limited and unlimited civil jurisdiction cases as well as small claims, probate and family court. Includes interviews with Miami Herald reporters on use of these records and tips on how to turn this raw information into compelling journalistic work.
Multimedia: Infogr.am graphic showing the steps a plaintiff has to go through to get his or her money following a successful lawsuit. Includes explanation of how this information might be useful journalistically.
Words: 1,200
Deadline (draft): June 29 @ 9 am
Deadline (final): July 5 @ 1 pm

Public Records Project URL
Florida Sunshine Law

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