Week of Sept. 4 Homework/Notes

JOU 3300 - Fall 2017

Because many of you may be helping your family and friends prepare for the coming storm, I’m extending the deadlines for items due this week. However, please work ahead as it may be dangerous to be wandering about South Florida after Thursday or even before. Do not put yourself in danger. Here are the updated deadlines: 

Field Work

  • You need to have a total of 20 sources in under your tab for your beat. You also need to email me a selfie with something related to your beat in the background. This is due Sept. 8 at 6 pm (extended from Sept. 6)
  • The NewsU module “Fundamentals of Editing” is due Sept. 8 at 3 pm (extended from Sept. 6)
  • And your pitches for the first article are due Sept. 11 at 3 pm (same deadline as before)
Week of Sept. 4 Homework/Notes
Post Irma deadlines

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